Pecan Milk Cooperative

We’re a Southern worker cooperative that produces delicious local food.

Pecan Milk uses pecans from Georgia orchards. The home-made small batch recipe is honest and authentic. Glass packaging reduces plastic waste.

Hand-made dairy-free milk is useful for baking, coffee and espresso, cereal including oatmeal and grits, juices and smoothies, nurturing babies and toddlers, preparing creamy sauces and ice cream, drinking straight or nearly any use of dairy milk.

The nutritional value of authentic nut milk is significant. Pecans are an antioxidant absolutely filled with manganese. You’ll find calcium, zinc and magnesium in the beverage as well as other vital vitamins and minerals. There are no genetically modified (GMO) pecans available!

Pecan Milk Cooperative is a proud member of the United States Federation of Worker Cooperatives. The business is invested in and owned by the people that work for it. The co-op has been accepted into over a dozen farmer’s markets and one natural foods grocery store.